comparison tables in cron mode

  • Hello!

    I am writing to you because I have a question. I have a system to make automatic webs for amazon affiliates with a spin.

    I usually use the page generator pro and aawp. With the code [amazon bestseller="keyword"] thousands of urls are made with the articles included.

    I have come this far because I have seen this website that uses the Affiliate Toolkit:

    If you go to any url on that page it has comparison tables that cannot be done in cron with the AAWP . Example:

    I have tried to read the Affiliate Toolkit documentation but it is not clear to me if it can be done easily or what steps I should follow to make tables in cron mode.

    If it could be done and you told me how to relate the keyword to the tables I want to include I would buy it without hesitation.

    Thanks for your attention.

    I wait for the answer, a greeting.:)

  • Hi,

    yes.. that's easy to do :-)

    Here a few steps:

    1) You just need a list of keywords for a list prev import.

    2) Import the keywords to generate the bestseller lists (https://docs.affiliate-toolkit…Import-via-the-CSV-Import)

    note: name your list like your keyword

    3) create/import a comparison table template (https://docs.affiliate-toolkit…ponsive-comparison-table/)

    4) use the shortcode in your page (generate the pages by bulk import):

    1. [atkp_list id='<name of keyword/list>' limit='7' template='<template-id>' ][/atkp_list]

    So your lists will be shown as responsive compare table.

    Alternative to step 2:

    you can also generate a shortcode directly with your keyword. This will generate the list in the background automatically. I can also post a example shortcode, but i would not suggest this, because this createds a delay on your server at the first call.



  • Thank you very much Christof for your answer.

    I finally bought the plugin and tried to follow your steps but the truth is that I can't find the solution.

    I read the posts you recommended and even looked for videos on my own. Still, I never visualize a comparison table. It's just like the shortcode is wrong.

    I don't know exactly where the problem is. I'm sure I'm missing some detail. Could you recommend me some video or post where this kind of automatic comparison chart is done step by step?

    Thank you very much.

  • Maybe you can send me a private message? So you can tell me in detail where you are hanging.

    Best Regards,