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    Thank you Christof

    I went with the wp all import way and made a mess with my products database the first two times.

    The third time i learned how to correctly use the categories order and it was successful. I have imported 26k products with once.

    My only problem is that wp all import is sloooooooooooow...

    It took me almost 3 days to import 26k products!

    I know its because of the images and i didn't want to use an image server as per wp all import suggests.

    I applied almost every trick in the book for speeding MySQL but with very little success.

    I even thought to change MySQL with MS SQL Express but WP doesn't play well with it, especially plugins.

    Anyway, waiting to see your new mass import plugin, i believe is going to be better.


    Hi to all

    I have a question, silly maybe but cant figure it out.

    I have some advertisers from Awin.

    I have created their shops and connected the API's, it says download and import, i say ok.

    It creates a que with thousand's products.

    All good up to here.

    But, i need to bulk import all products at once.

    Not go to product import, search with keyword and add each one! We talking about tens of thousands!

    I bought the plugin "Import from CSV" and downloaded the CSV from Awin and was expecting to choose the CSV file from my hard disk and all products to be imported at once.

    Not such luck, it doesn't work like choosing the file and boom, everything goes in.

    So anyway, can i use the queues?

    It has already downloaded all products, and bulk import all of them at once?

    If yes what is the procedure for that?

    Bare in mind i use woocommerce for products and not using shortcodes, i need to import all products to woocommere.

    Thanks for any help.