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    Danke, Christof für die schnellle Antwort. Und danke an alle anderen, dass Ihr dasselbe Problem habt. Dachte schon ich wäre zu blöd ;-)
    Also dann werde ich weiter probieren. Falls ich eine Lösung gefunden habe, werde ich sie hier mitteilen.

    Hey there,

    does anyone know how to integrate Bellboon Product Data with the Affiliate Toolkit?

    It seems that the new Bellboon website requires different credentials than used before. So the Bellboon API does not work anymore.
    Using the general CSV API does not get a connection: Error code "(cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 10000 milliseconds with 3352767 bytes received)"

    I'm tech-savvy and I tried everything that might have solved the issue, but nothing works. Anyone any idea? Maybe an update of the Affiliate Toolkit is already in progress to solve this?

    Thanks a lot, gals'n'guys :-)