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    Hello, so


    First you import the product and check if there is a EAN available.

    Does the AT mass import also automatic import ean too? Because I see "Import and Publish" but also "Add EAN to existing product"


    You need to activate the shop for offer search.

    Is the option "Automatic loading offers" under single Shop (ex. under Awin api)?

    And in https://demo.affiliate-toolkit…ox_breit_mit_Beschreibung :

    which shortcode use?

    Thank you in advance



    Which are steps to reproduce like in the demo? I mean, showing the Alternate Offers?

    For example, if I want to show in a specific page xyz products for example "tv led", after importing products, in the page I should Build dynamic filter and use categories or need to create a specific AT list with "tv led"?

    Can you show me step to follow to replicate the demo?

    Thank you in advance


    I'd like to know if this is the better procedure to import products or if there a better way

    1 - I want to show, in a page, comparison products of topic, for example let's say, "smartphone"

    2 - under AT products --> Import, I select "smartphone" as keyword, search and "import and publish"

    3 - I edit the page, and add AT shortcode "Create a dynamic filter list and use in your post", and select all categories that should have that product (since every shop has its own structure, for example someone name "smartphones", some other names "cellphone", etc.)

    Is this the best way for this goal?

    If so, need to better organize product categories: if is not present an option to map them, is there a plugin to merge them in order to avoid duplicates?

    Thank you in advance


    I was able to connect to Awin with my apikey, and I correctly see all sub shops active, but when I try to import products nothing appears.

    I noticed that awin feeds are in gzip mode. Maybe is this the issue?

    If I manually download the csv, unzip, and load, I can see correctly all products.

    Can affiliate toolkit manage zipped feeds? Need some additional plugin?

    Thank you in advance


    I'm trying the woocommerce mode, but after importing products into woocommerce, I noticed that all images are blank (the default woocommerce image). But if I import to default product page (without woocommerce) I'm able to see images. So, something with woocommerce, but I cannot figure the issue.

    Some tips?

    Thank you in advance

    Hi to everybody :)

    I've gone through documentation but I'm not able to find this: how to map category? For example, I tried to import products (example "tv") from several connected merchants.. After succesful import, I see now many similar categories, like


    "tv, video"

    "audio, tv, video"

    because every merchant has its own structure, and I automatically imported them.

    Then, when I create dinamic filter list, I hate to chose from many duplicated categories.

    Is there a simple way to do, for example, import "tv" into a specific product category?

    Thank you in advance