Pre-purchase query

  • Hello,

    The plugin looks amazing! Just a few questions please, before I decide to buy the full version.

    Can the plugin be used to do the following:

    1. If I have a product/review post, I'd like to present price comparison information so that users can see live price data from a range of retailers for a specific product. These will mainly be from a mix of sources - Amazon, and retailers who offer datafeeds via Affiliate Window (AWIN) and possibly others such as Webgains, Paid on Results, Tradedoubler etc.

    Is it necessary for all the retailers to publish EAN data with their feed, because I've noticed that many don't. In which case, how do you define a group that consists of different retailers' prices for the exact same product? Is this a manual process to select the exact item from each retailer? (because the main product titles can vary a lot too, or contain variations that you wouldn't want to group together in a price comparison).

    2. Can the plugin be used to generate "sale lists" dynamically, whereby items are selected from datafeeds based on certain conditions:

    E.g. Using specific keywords (and/or restricted to specific categories) , and price parameters, for example items discounted by more than X%?

    3. Is the 70% discount on the annual license renewal locked in, or could it change in future, even for users who bought in at that rate?

    Many thanks,


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    Hi Alan,

    sorry for my late answer.

    1) This is possible. The price search is not "live". It's cached and refreshed in the background.

    You can use the ean of a product for a automatic price comparision, but you can also define the offers manual.

    2) There is a feature "list" available. For this you can define a keyword. The parameters are depending on the api you use. For amazon and ebay you can filter the price. Most of the other apis only support keywords.

    3) The price is not "locked". It's always the current price - 70%.

    Best Regards,