Better way to import products?

  • Hello,

    I'd like to know if this is the better procedure to import products or if there a better way

    1 - I want to show, in a page, comparison products of topic, for example let's say, "smartphone"

    2 - under AT products --> Import, I select "smartphone" as keyword, search and "import and publish"

    3 - I edit the page, and add AT shortcode "Create a dynamic filter list and use in your post", and select all categories that should have that product (since every shop has its own structure, for example someone name "smartphones", some other names "cellphone", etc.)

    Is this the best way for this goal?

    If so, need to better organize product categories: if is not present an option to map them, is there a plugin to merge them in order to avoid duplicates?

    Thank you in advance

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    you can also use lists. You can create a search list "smartphone" and check the option "create products". The products will be created on list update.

    For duplicate check (only if you are using the same shop), there is a option availabe to avoid duplicates. There is no global duplicate check available. Or you are using EAN/UPC-Code, but that ID is not in every shop available.

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