Map category?

  • Hi to everybody :)

    I've gone through documentation but I'm not able to find this: how to map category? For example, I tried to import products (example "tv") from several connected merchants.. After succesful import, I see now many similar categories, like


    "tv, video"

    "audio, tv, video"

    because every merchant has its own structure, and I automatically imported them.

    Then, when I create dinamic filter list, I hate to chose from many duplicated categories.

    Is there a simple way to do, for example, import "tv" into a specific product category?

    Thank you in advance

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    not very easy. You can only correct the categories manual. I don't think there is a automatic way to merge the categories :(

    If someone has a idea for this issue, feel free to give us a hink :)

    BR Christof