comparison tables in cron mode

  • Hello!

    I am writing to you because I have a question. I have a system to make automatic webs for amazon affiliates with a spin.

    I usually use the page generator pro and aawp. With the code [amazon bestseller="keyword"] thousands of urls are made with the articles included.

    I have come this far because I have seen this website that uses the Affiliate Toolkit:

    If you go to any url on that page it has comparison tables that cannot be done in cron with the AAWP . Example:

    I have tried to read the Affiliate Toolkit documentation but it is not clear to me if it can be done easily or what steps I should follow to make tables in cron mode.

    If it could be done and you told me how to relate the keyword to the tables I want to include I would buy it without hesitation.

    Thanks for your attention.

    I wait for the answer, a greeting.:)

  • Hi,

    yes.. that's easy to do :-)

    Here a few steps:

    1) You just need a list of keywords for a list prev import.

    2) Import the keywords to generate the bestseller lists (https://docs.affiliate-toolkit…Import-via-the-CSV-Import)

    note: name your list like your keyword

    3) create/import a comparison table template (https://docs.affiliate-toolkit…ponsive-comparison-table/)

    4) use the shortcode in your page (generate the pages by bulk import):

    1. [atkp_list id='<name of keyword/list>' limit='7' template='<template-id>' ][/atkp_list]

    So your lists will be shown as responsive compare table.

    Alternative to step 2:

    you can also generate a shortcode directly with your keyword. This will generate the list in the background automatically. I can also post a example shortcode, but i would not suggest this, because this createds a delay on your server at the first call.