Product not displaying while using "Product Template"

  • Hello guys,

    I'm having trouble with the Product Template on a single product page.

    When I insert the shortcode [atkp_product id='10167' template='wide'][/atkp_product], it only displays the option to edit the product (edit.jpg), but it does not display the product itself. If I click this option, it will bring me to the product, so it is retrieving the right data, but somehow the product page cannot show it.

    If I use a custom Product Template instead of a System Template, even a really simple one, it doesn't work too.

    But if I use the shortcode for a custom Compare Table Template, e.g. [atkp template='5080' ids=''][/atkp], it correctly displays the product (table.jpg). But I would like to use a Product Template, not a Compare Table.

    If someone can help me, I will be really grateful.

    The Theme is OptimizePress 3.

    Thanks in advance.

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    this was a bug in the last version.

    Please update the base plugin and also the table extension to the latest version.

    The bug should gone after you updated everything.

    BR Christof